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We have issued in excess of 30 Different bonds for Banks for Governments, we can show you our account statements during a Private Meeting or on a Zoom Call. We can issue your bond in 45 Days or Sooner, Or if you wish, we can lease you our existing Bonds that has all the criteria of bond with trade value.

Financial Service

Stealth provides appropriate financial instruments by means of lease or purchase for clients who seek project funding or other funding needs.

Investment Analysis

At Stealth Capital, you have the ear of our financial experts. We listen to the needs of our clients, assimilate, take all into consideration, then design a simple or comprehensive program built to suit.

Best Consultancy

Our expertise will help you avoid the many pitfalls of investment.

Customer Support

Any issues or concerns? Contact Stealth by Phone or Email. Clients will receive a prompt response.

Our services


Stealth can provide the client a leased SBLC directly from HSBC London through a Hedge Fund that is valid for one year and one day, direct from HSBC Bank head office by form of Conditional Swift from your bank to HSBC Bank LONDON. If the client does not want to transact by Conditional Swift, they have an option to wire the funds to our bank at UBS, and we will issue the SBLC directly to your bank.

Stealth can also issue the SBLC as Small as $1 million up to $500 million at a cost of 10%. Stealth offers two options, providing the SBLC directly to the client’s receiving facilities, or Monetizing the SBLC on behalf of the client at a rate of 50% in 15 just banking days. Let us know which option is preferred and we will provide all the necessary details. Your bank will send a Conditional Swift against receiving the SBLC, so the Provider does not experience any issues. Money can only be released against a divisible, assignable and transferrable cash backed SBLC. The client may take comfort knowing this Conditional Swift will be sent directly to HSBC bank head office in LONDON.Read More

Master Bond Maker

Create your own bond and be the master of your own destiny just like many famous families of considerable wealth. Issue your own corporate bond and raise capital for your existing or future project in mind. Some of the world’s wealthiest families create such wealth by issuing Bonds and lending money to major companies, financial institutions, governments, etc.! Stealth clients have an opportunity to do the same. In today’s uncertain Market, Investors are both aware and leery of Stock Market fluctuations, but when Investors purchase a fixed income bond, they have the luxury of counting on the interest, allowing for the sound foundation of financial planning.Read More

Green Bonds

A “green bond” is differentiated from a regular bond by its label, which signifies a commitment to exclusively.... Read More